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Terry has been a very valuable addition to the First Team Executive Management Team.

He is a dedicated professional, goes out of his way to find solutions, and is gracious in all of his interactions with employees, agents and consumers. He has brought a new energy to our team and we're proud of all of his contributions and accomplishments this past year.

Lori Namazi

Working with Terry over the last months, as he assumed the temporary role of managing the Newport Beach office along with his other responsibilities, has been a real pleasurable and inspirational experience.

At each office meeting, he presents information he feels is essential to becoming a competent client-oriented professional and shares stories of his own experiences to validate the key steps to success. He constantly reminds us that his objective is to help each agent build a dependable, sustainable, and predictable business while improving the quality of his/her life. Terry is very approachable and makes people feel he is sincerely interested in their story. As a role model for one who personifies a leader and coach, he has set the bar high for his replacement.

Dieter Hulfachor

I have been with a few different companies over my real estate career, and dealt with many managers and people who are in charge of hundreds of agents.

In my dealings with these people I have never come across anyone like Terry. Although he has created massive success in his real estate career, he is very humble and treats everyone as his equal. He is truly "one of us." I have come to him with many different challenges and without exception he has made time for me, and not only "helped" me but given me a concrete solution and a plan. Terry doesn't just "give you a fish" he teaches you "how to fish." Of the many things that I admire about Terry is this... In this competitive industry (real estate) there is tremendous pressure from Corporate placed on upper management to put the company first. And that being said, one of the things that really stands out about Terry is that he always puts the individual agent first! And in doing that he makes the entire company much better. And as Billionaire Richard Branson says "Your biggest value in business isn't your customers, it is your employees, if you take great care of your employees, they will take great care of your customers! That is exactly what Terry does, and thus we ALL benefit from his philosophy! My only regret about Terry is that I didn't meet him a long time ago!

Gregg Perrah

Terry has been instrumental helping me build and improve my systems and business.

He has offered valuable insight, guidance and suggestions that have had a direct impact. Terry is very motivating and pushes me out of my comfort zone with positive results. He is available and accessible to assist when needed. Thank you, Terry!

Mike Farina

The best managers are the passionate ones.

They want to accomplish something great, they know how to make you see what the success could look like. Terry Le Clair in my eyes is one of the best managers I've ever had!

Ingrid Yankauskas

Terry is a genuine and dynamic sales leader.

My first significant interaction with Terry was when I had a challenge with a transaction. As an Agent, I was very pleased to see the fair and equitable approach Terry took to helping our team find a solution to our predicament, while at the same time balancing the Client's and First Team's best interests. Terry is an ethical and pleasurable professional to work with.

Danny Murphy

Terry just came to our Company several months ago, he ended up managing our flagship office and I have had the privilege to be under his leadership.

.in a very short time and he has turned us with his training and instruction, into better, and more caring ,broker associates. It is fantastic having the Vice President of sales so close to us, he has brought a new dynamic, always being available, you could not ask for better guidance :-)

Paul Monte

Terry had an Open door policy and always available when you need him.

His is sincerely concerned about the Sucess of individuals. He's able to provide solid criteria that help you stand out as a professional in the Real Estate Industry .

Jill Barnes

i have found that working with Terry LeClair has given me a boost not only in my business, due to his marketing strategies, but in the way that I view management support.

He is a giver. To me, that has meant sharing knowledge, tips and his success. He is encouraging and listens to each of his team members.

Susan Chotkevys

Terry LeClair has a real passion: for people, for managing people, for managing people in Real Estate.

That is how I see Terry. A kind, giving and sincere professional who's main goal is to celebrate the success of others. Terry is accessible, personable, and will make the time for you when needed. I look forward to staff meetings and any class that he leads. He is a leader and manager that listens and motivates. I am grateful that I was at the right place at the right time to be in an office that Terry manages.

Jodi Halbreich

Terry was great to work with.


I would not work anywhere else!

! The support and attention that Terry provides is beyond helpful. I so much appreciate working in this truly team atmosphere where the smiles don't stop after you sign. Thank you, Terry, for always being there.

Trudy Angeloni

My name is Desiree Ryan, First Team agent, working out of the Dana Point office.

I have a listing in Huntington Beach that I'm trying to find a buyer for. Terri LeClair, Manager of First Team Newport Beach office, welcomed me to plug my listing at his weekly office meeting for all his agents to hear. My intention was to arrive and bolt right after I told the agents of my listing. Terry quickly dove straight into his agenda for his meeting as I was packing up to leave and he caught my attention with one of his topics on “Simple ways to pick up new business through everyday life without trying”. I ended up staying through his entire office meeting and have applied a few easy ideas he offered to my daily routine. Thank you Terry for making me feel comfortable in your office and giving me fresh new ideas to increase my business with ease.

Desiree Ryan

Terry is the best manager I have ever had.

Terry has so much to offer and has such incredible knowledge of and experience in his profession. More importantly, he has a giver's personality and is always there for his agents. He calls, texts, and emails , and won't leave you hanging when you need direction. I am so appreciative of my luck to work under him and feel so fortunate to have him in our office.

Romay Chang

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